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PRIMELAYER has a year reputation on geographic information systems implemented in open source cloud architectures, focusing on education, social, demographic studies, sport facilities, civil protection. A new division, PrimeLayer-Tech has been founded in 2014 and is dedicated to sensorization and environment. Two open-source technologies are under development being in pilot stage: RISE | Remote Intelligent Sensor for Environment and Civil Protection, and SOUL Platform | Sensor Observation of Urban Life. During the month of July 2015, the PrimeLayer founded a new company (Space Layer technologies) with the SOUL project, which was accepted and incubated at the European Space Agency.

  • Cluster 1 | Research

    The investment in research has been the main focus in recent years. The use of predictive models in the study of demographic flows allowed a consolidated know-how, and is now a reference in this sector. More recently, the area of the company's research extended to the environmental field, where the SOUL project funded by the European Union through the project FIWARE / SmartCITIES has received a lot of quotes due to good business practices.

  • Cluster 2 | Advice

    Regarding the area of consulting, our presence has been very strong in territorial planning and in strategic development, particularly in the field of education, social and sport, we have also worked in the field of tourism and health, this projects have been developed at different scales, from local to national, through district and regional. In addition to these areas of expertise, we have push forward to extend its intervention in many other areas, such as transport and mobility (flow analysis), agriculture and rural development, planning and forest management and management of cinegetic and fish resources.

  • Cluster 3 | Innovation and Development

    In recent years PRIMELAYER has dedicated significant time to the development of new technological solutions, as exemplified by the SOUL project - Sensor Observation Urban Life or the RISE project - Remote Intelligent Sensor for Environment and Civil Protection. In our current stage we aim to develop a solution for Precision and Mobility Agriculture.

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Web Platform

Development of web/webgis platforms for decision support, in the areas of environment, civil protection and land management.

Mobile Apps

Development of mobile applications in native or hybrid format for IOS and Android, directed to municipal management, tourism, health, among others.

IoT Solutions

The future of cities involves the integration of IoT solutions - Internet of things. Primelayer develops sensing projects to simplify and improve the management of cities.


Strategic projects in the areas of education, social, sport and civil protection. Strategic plans of urban development, mobility and demographic projections.

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